Main contact kits&Repair Kits ZL460 for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE 460-30 contactors

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Product description

Replacement electrical contact kits for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE 460-30 contactors;
3Poles: 6 fixed contacts, 3 moving contacts, with screws and washers;
Our part number: MCK-A460;
OEM part number: ZL460;

More specifications of ABB A/AF/AE/TAE series replacement main contact elements are 
listed below:

ZL80 used for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE80 contactor
ZL90 used for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE90 contactor
ZL100 used for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE100 contactor
ZL110 used for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE110 contactor
ZL145 used for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE145 contactor
ZL150 used for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE150 contactor
ZL175 used for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE175 contactor
ZL210 used for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE210 contactor
ZL250 used for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE250 contactor
ZL260 used for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE260 contactor
ZL300 used for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE300 contactor
ZL370 used for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE370 contactor
ZL550 used for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE550 contactor
ZL700 used for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE700 contactor
ZL800 used for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE800 contactor
ZL1200 used for ABB A/AF/AE/TAE1200 contactor

We can customize products according to samples or drawing, pls get in touch with us by email:

*This part is not OEM brand but aftermarket version, we mentioned ABB only for the purpose of part number identification.*