How to replace contacts for ABB EH/EK contactor

Posted by Vitalina Sokol on

Replace contacts on installed EH/EK contactor

Replace all main contacts at the same time

EH 100…300

1) Remove the arc chute.

2) Push the moving contact sideways. Raise the contacts slightly so that the contacts slide out.

3) Replace the static contact.

4) Replace the moving contact. 


EH 370...800

1) Remove the arc chute.

2) Press down and push out the arcing contacts sideways, see Figure 1 for details.

3) Take out the main contact: Pry the corresponding contact clip upwards, push the main contact to the neutral position, see Figure 2, and take out the main contact.

4) Replace the static contact, see Figure 3.

5) Replace the moving contact.

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