Main Contact Sets&Repair Kits 2NC0T-CK for FUJI SC-1N Contactor old type

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Replacement electrical contact kits for FUJI  SC-1N contactors;
3Poles: 6 fixed contacts, 3 moving contacts;
Our part number: MCK-SC-1N;
OEM part number: 2NC0T-CK;

This is an aftermarket product, discount is available for more qtys, pls contact with us by email: Thanks.

More specifications of FUJI SC-N series replacement main contact elements are listed below:

4NC0Q-CK used for FUJI SC-4-0 contactor
4NC0H-CK used for FUJI SC-5-1 contactor
2NC0T-CK used for FUJI SC-1N contactor
2NC1Q-CK used for FUJI SC-2N contactor
2NC2H-CK used for FUJI SC-3N contactor
2NC2T-CK used for FUJI SC-4N contactor
2NC3F-CK used for FUJI SC-5N contactor
2NC3H-CK used for FUJI SC-6N contactor
2NC4F-CK used for FUJI SC-7N contactor
2NC4Q-CK used for FUJI SC-8N contactor
2NC4H-CK used for FUJI SC-10N contactor
2NC5F-CK used for FUJI SC-11N contactor
2NC5H-CK used for FUJI SC-12N contactor

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